A Turnkey Property Acquisition System

Welcome VRM Intel Live! Conference Attendees

We hope you enjoyed our session “Proactive Homeowner Acquisition”.  We appreciated the opportunity to present what we’ve learned over the years and hope that you found some great take-aways that you can implement into your business to help you grow your inventory.  If you ever need any help or have a questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re always willing to help out.

The Proven Inventory Acquisition System

3. Competitive Messaging

2. The Right Team

1. Strategic Growth

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“If I were to looking to grow my vacation rental inventory, my first call would be Brooke and his team at Vintory. Their industry knowledge and experience are a winning combination."

Mary Lynn Clark, President

Wyndham Vacation Rentals

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“Brooke’s superhero power is his vantage point… [Brooke] is one of the few people who understands our industry in 4D”

- Matt Landau, Host, The Vacation Rental Show

“These guys put a wealth of experience from across the industry to work for you. Creative best practices at its best. They will drive your business development to new levels”

Steve Surbaugh, Owner Cascade Vacation Rentals

4. Tech Driven Solutions

5. Smart Data Intelligence

7. Powerful Sales Tools

8. Coaching for Sales Success

9. Feedback Loop

We Help You Grow Your Inventory!

“Vintory has consistently knocked it out of the park for us week after week! …they have drastically changed my business for the better in a few short months …”

- Darbi Bolton, Owner, Stay Local Nashville

6. Successful Marketing Strategies

We review your business and build out a strategic plan to help you achieve your inventory goals by bringing on the right properties.

We onboard, implement and train you on all of the core technology that you need to be successful for your inventory acquisition goals.

We help prospective buyers understand the performance of vacation homes by preparing customized Pro Formas and providing market insights that empower your sales force to succeed in making the sale.

We procure, append and segment multiple data sources and build out personas to help you target the right properties for your rental program.

We review your team using psychometric personality profiling to make sure you have the right people on the bus and the right people in the right seats.

We provide continual coaching and sales training to enable and motivate your sales team for success.

We break through the noise by implementing strategic marketing tactics including traditional strategies such as postcards, direct mail, and lead magnets, and digital strategies such as SEO, PPC, social, email and more.

We dig deep into your business to understand what sets you apart from the competition. Our copy and content writers handcraft and personalize messaging for all communication and marketing materials.

Set it and forget it is not a proper strategy. We execute, measure, learn and adjust for continuous improvement and to boost results.